Research Setting A Biswas, S Das, G C Mishra and S K Acharya

S Acharya, G Mishra, Karma Kaleon
Research setting refers to the detailed information of an area, where the study was conducted. The study area generally comprises of a particular geographical area viz. a state, district, block or gram panchayat area selected according to the convenience of the investigator who possess adequate knowledge regarding the location, communication facility etc. of the locality so that he can easily approach each and every corner of the area for data collection. Besides, the investigator must also
more » ... the basic knowledge about the socio-demographic background of the people so as to have an easy understanding of their knowledge, attitude and behavior. Thus, a study on Enterprise Ecology in Agribusiness certainly demands a local unique with natural set up, demography, crop ecology, institutional set up and other socio-cultural milieus. The present study was taken up at Dadpur villages of Balagarh Block in Nadia district of west Bengal. A brief description of the state and district in general and the block and village in particular is given below.