Epidemiological Study on Thalassemia and G6PD Deficiency among the Children of 0 - 7 Years Old in Dehong in Yunnan
德宏州0~7岁儿童地中海贫血与G6PD 缺乏症的流行病学调查

莉琴 姚
2013 Medical Diagnosis  
Objective: To investigate the carrier rate of thalassemia and G6PD deficiency among the children of 0 -7 years old in Dehong in YunNan. Method: 2164 samples of children 0 -7 years old are verified by blood cell automatic analysis, hemoglobin electrophoresis and erythrocyte glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD) diagnostic kit. Result: There are different detection rates of thalassemia in different regions and nationalities, the highest region is 51.5% in Luxi, the highest
more » ... e highest nationality is 50.8% of Jingpo. The relevance ratio of G6PD deficiency of Dehong is 8.6%, ranking first, Achang is 7.3%, ranking second. Conclusion: Thalassemia and G6PD deficiency are high among the children of 0 -7 years old in Dehong in YunNan. There are certain correlations between the geographic distribution of thalassemia and G6PD deficiency and geographic distribution of malaria in history. The investigation provides valuable basic data for Dehong minorities in Yunnan to conduct genetic counseling and thalassemia and G6PD deficiency prevention.
doi:10.12677/md.2013.33006 fatcat:4kp3d6u3q5brlau6jpfjy3x62y