TCP/IP performance over satellite links

C. Partridge, T.J. Shepard
1997 IEEE Network  
Achieving high data rates using TCP liP over satellite networks can be difficult. This article explains some of the reasons TCP liP has difficulty with satellite links. We present solutions to some problems, and describe the state of the research on some of the unsolved problems. 2 The tenn internet is a generic word for a group of interconnected networks. The internet is the global IP internet. Recently the tenn intranet has evolved from its original meaning (an adjective meaning on a single
more » ... ysical network [3l) into a popular way to describe an IP internet entirely within an olganization. IEEE Network • September/October 1997 Biographies CRAIG PARTRIDGE [SM] (craig@bbn.~om). is a Princip?1 Scientist at B~N Technologies where he does research on gIgabIt and terabit networks. He IS the former Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Network and ACM Computer Communication Review. He is also a consulting associate professor at StanFord University and received his ph,D. from Harvard University. TIMOTHY SHEPARD [M] (shep@bbn.coml is a Scientist at BBN Technologies. While a student at MIT, he studied the performance behavior of TCP implementations, which led to the development of a graphical method of TCP packet trace analysis. His interests are in the engineering of large-scale complex systems, particularly those involving microwaves and millions of computers.
doi:10.1109/65.620521 fatcat:m7nndb5qvzcsjogfknxf5xx5ja