Video to Fully Automatic 3D Hair Model [article]

Shu Liang, Xiufeng Huang, Xianyu Meng, Kunyao Chen, Linda G. Shapiro, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Imagine taking a selfie video with your mobile phone and getting as output a 3D model of your head (face and 3D hair strands) that can be later used in VR, AR, and any other domain. State of the art hair reconstruction methods allow either a single photo (thus compromising 3D quality) or multiple views, but they require manual user interaction (manual hair segmentation and capture of fixed camera views that span full 360 degree). In this paper, we describe a system that can completely
more » ... lly create a reconstruction from any video (even a selfie video), and we don't require specific views, since taking your -90 degree, 90 degree, and full back views is not feasible in a selfie capture. In the core of our system, in addition to the automatization components, hair strands are estimated and deformed in 3D (rather than 2D as in state of the art) thus enabling superior results. We provide qualitative, quantitative, and Mechanical Turk human studies that support the proposed system, and show results on a diverse variety of videos (8 different celebrity videos, 9 selfie mobile videos, spanning age, gender, hair length, type, and styling).
arXiv:1809.04765v1 fatcat:x4bf772oszdx3la3577ik5i6au