Selection of temperature and power parameters for multi-modular lunar jet penetrator

2019 INCAS Bulletin  
The questions and the particularity of the choice of design parameters of multi-module lunar jet penetrators are considered. A constructive layout of the penetrator is proposed and the advantages of a multi-modular design are presented. In particular, the limitation on the depth of penetration of the reactive penetrator of the standard scheme, associated with the characteristics of the flow of combustion products from the nozzle into a variable length channel left after the passage of the
more » ... assage of the apparatus, is described. An algorithm is suggested for solving the problem of design parameters of multi-module lunar jet penetrators, which is based on the same methods for finding design parameters of single-module penetrators. Nonetheless, in this case, among the main design parameters that uniquely determine the appearance of both individual modules and the apparatus as a whole, in addition to pressure in the combustion chamber, elongation, pressure relationships at the nozzle and in the chamber, engine running time in air, structural mass and angle, contents of the head including, multiple modules (or sections of the remote control) of the device. By the above method, the calculation of the gas-dynamic parameters for the operation process in solid propellant rocket engines was carried out. Critical temperatures of solid fuel and pressure in the combustion chamber are limited by the ones leading to destruction of the engine and the penetrator.
doi:10.13111/2066-8201.2019.11.s.23 fatcat:lmsqhyyybrgihck4luoj4dmjsa