Effective Approaches to Enlarge English Vocabulary

Zhou Haixia
2015 International Journal of Language and Linguistics  
This thesis is the study of enlarging English vocabulary based on the principles of paying attention to culture differences, making full use of context, enlarging English vocabulary through collocation and connotation. This thesis is based on some theories provided by the scholars of the field of English vocabulary learning. According to Harmer (2002:153), "if language structure makes up the skeleton of language, then it is vocabulary that provides the vital organs and the flesh. An ability to
more » ... esh. An ability to manipulate grammatical structure does not have any potential meaning unless words are used." "Culture consists of all the shared products of human society (Robertson, 1981)." It means language is a part of culture. Also, It is accepted that choosing words carefully in certain situations is more important than choosing grammatical structures (Harmer 1991). As words often appear in the form of collocation, English learners should enlarge their vocabulary not only with their meanings but also their collocations. This thesis illustrates presentation approaches for enlarging vocabulary, effective approaches of consolidating vocabulary, developing vocabulary enlarging approaches. Through these approaches, teachers will help students save large amount of time and efforts and create a more relaxed and efficient English learning environment for better performance.
doi:10.11648/j.ijll.20150306.22 fatcat:msimndcovjb3bfncjuvb7moroi