Electron Dephasing near Zero Temperature: an Experimental Review

J. J. Lin, T. J. Li, Y. L. Zhong
2003 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan  
The behavior of the electron dephasing time near zero temperature, τ_ϕ^0, has recently attracted vigorous attention. This renewed interest is primarily concerned with whether τ_ϕ^0 should reach a finite or an infinite value as T → 0. While it is accepted that τ_ϕ^0 should diverge if there exists only electron-electron (electron-phonon) scattering, several recent measurements have found that τ_ϕ^0 depends only very weakly on temperature, if at all, when T is sufficiently low. This article
more » ... This article discusses the current experimental status of "the saturation problem", and concludes that the origin(s) for this widely observed saturation are still unresolved.
doi:10.1143/jpsjs.72sa.7 fatcat:lhv273bdcvcthozakjrvaentkm