Hplc – High Performance Liquid Chromatography & Uplc – Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatographic System – A Review On Modern Liquid Chromatography

More Siddhant*, Ghodekar Smita
2018 Zenodo  
Chromatography is a technique which is used for the separation of constituents in a mixture. This technique involves 2 phases stationary and mobile phases. separation of this constituents is based on the difference between partition coefficients of the two phases. High Performance Liquid Chromatography is analytical technique for separation, dentification and quantification of constituents in mixture. HPLC is an advanced technique of column liquid chromatography. UPLC – Ultra performance liquid
more » ... chromatography, modern technique in liquid chromatography. It Improves three areas – chromatographic resolution, speed and sensitivity analysis. It uses fine particles and saves time also reduces solvent consumption. Separation on UPLC is performed under very high pressure (upto 100 mpa) using sub – 2 mm particles and mobile phase at high linear velocities. It has no negative influence on analytical column or other chromatographic system. This new category of analytical separation retains the principle of HPLC and create new steps for improvement in chromatographic performance. In 21st century pharmaceutical companies were focusing on new ways to shorten time for development of drugs. This review mainly focuses on comparison between HPLC and UPLC technique its principle, instrumentation and applications. Keywords: UPLC, HPLC, Resolution, Sensitivity, High pressure.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1401200 fatcat:xfgivn534ng4fclumfbvb7f5zm