Estimated airborne release of plutonium from Westinghouse Cheswick site as a result of postulated damage from severe wind and seismic hazard [report]

J. Mishima, L.C. Schwendiman, J.E. Ayer
1979 unpublished
The potential airborne releases of plutonium (source terms) from postulated damage sustained by the Westinghouse Plutonium Fuel Development Laboratories at the Cheswick site in Pennsylvania as a result of various levels of wind and seismic hazard are estimated. The source terms are based on damage scenarios originated by other specialists and range up to 260 mph for wind hazard and in excess of 0.39 g ground acceleration for seismic hazard. The approaches and factors used to estimate the source
more » ... estimate the source terms (inventories of dispersible materials at risk, damage levels and ratios, fractional airborne releases of dispersible materials under stress, atmosphere exchange rates, and source term ranges) are discussed. Source term estimates range from less than 10-7 g plutonium to greater than 130 g plutonium over a four-day period. iii SUMMARY FIGURES TABLES 36 37 37 37 38 38 38
doi:10.2172/6187333 fatcat:a2oc7fmfinganfd6v5bicfhj4y