Dimer-dimer Correlations and Magnetothermodynamics of S=1/2 Spherical Kagome Clusters in W72V30 and Mo72V30

Nobutaka Kunisada, Yoshiyuki Fukumoto
2015 Physics Procedia  
Numerical diagonalization methods are employed to study spin-1/2 spherical kagome clusters realized in W 72 V 30 and Mo 72 V 30 , where the former is expected to have the ideal symmetry I h and the latter is a little distorted. For the ideal model with I h symmetry we calculate spin correlation functions in the ground state, which resemble the spin-1/2 kagome antiferomagnet closely. We also present the integrated density of states for W 72 V 30 and Mo 72 V 30 , and discuss the difference in magnetothermodynamics for both materials.
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2015.12.089 fatcat:gvalhfojzjdyljrbzqu4gpbtwm