Research on the Problems of Administrative Litigation and Acceptance

天冲 姚
2016 Dispute Settlement  
To establish a fair limited administrative litigation system is the inherent requirement of the rule of law. It is not only the development of the constitution right control idea, and the restriction of the administrative power and civil rights protection. Each country has many universal rules in dealing with the relationship between administrative prosecution and acceptance, but because of the difference of the history of administrative litigation the background of this problem still has the
more » ... rticularity of all countries. China's relevant administrative litigation system from scratch to up by lack of comprehensive development is now gradually close to perfect. However, just like the circumstances of any new generation, this process is also full of doubt and controversy, but those are the doubt and controversy created a temper platform. It is necessary to present a platform like this, charges for filing, the administrative proceedings, such as the basic concept of acceptance analysis, at the same time on the legal consequences of the case for investigation. The purpose of this paper: To study the present situation, the existing problems and how to establish a fair and effective system model in the construction of the system of prosecution and acceptance of administrative litigation in China. The contents of the study: To study the problems of the existing system. This paper puts forward the effective protection of citizens to exercise the rights of an antidote against the disease.
doi:10.12677/ds.2016.24009 fatcat:7ae5kgcpqzgfzfeswz5he7cgku