Formation of Nanopore-Arrays by Plasma-based Thin FilmDeposition [report]

Qing Ji, Y. Chen, Ximan Jiang, Lili Ji, K.N. Leung
2005 unpublished
The ability to fabricate membranes with arrays of apertures only a few nanometers in diameter are important to many fields of research, including ion beam lithography 1 , DNA sequencing 2 , single ion implantations 3 , and single molecule studies. Because even the state-of-the-art lithography tools are limited in their ability to produce nanoscale features, alternative methods of fabricating single pores of nanometer scale have been developed, using ion-beam sculpting 2 and focused-ionbeam
more » ... ted deposition 4 . However, these methods cannot simultaneously produce multiple holes of nanometer dimension. Here we report a means of forming arrays of nanopores simultaneously on a thin, solid-state membrane using plasma-based thin-film deposition. By depositing layers of metallic thin films, the aperture sizes of pores in a pre-fabricated membrane can be reduced from a couple of micrometers down to tens of nanometers and even smaller. The technique offers a way to reduce the sizes of aperture of any shape in a variety of substrate materials, both conducting and insulating. Such arrays of nanopores can serve as membrane channels for DNA sequencing, as masks in ion-beam imprinters, for the fabrication of quantum dots, and in other applications.
doi:10.2172/932785 fatcat:ifc4kcfa5zhpzjkqfezpdgjzke