Law reports

1878 The Analyst  
Mr. Benson, at Southwark Police Court, on an adjourned summons, obtained by Mr. Errington, the sanitary inspector of St. Saviour's District Board of Workg, charging him with selling milk on the 20th ultimo containing 25 per cent. of added water. Mr. Simpson, clerk to the district board, prosecuted, and stated that on the 3rd instant the prisoner appeared before Mr. Partridge on the present charge, which he denied, and asked his worship to be allowed to send his sample of the milk to the
more » ... milk to the Government analyst at Somerset House. That had been done. and now he (Mr. Simpson) and his witnesses attended to know the result. Mr. Benson told him he had received two certificates from the Government analyst. One marked 71 contained 25 per cent. of added water, and No. 72 was pure milk. I t seemed to him very strange that such should be the case if the samples were taken at one and the same time. Mr. Errington was here sworn, and said that on the 20th of September he purchased the milk at defendant's shop, and told Mrs. Davis that he was going to have it analysed. In her presence he divided it in three portions, and sealed the bottles up with the official seal. One he left with Mrs. Davis, one he took to Dr. Bernays, and the third he kept, and marked 71. When the case was called on before Mr. Partridge on the 3rd instant, defendant produced what appeared to be the bottle of milk he left him, and said he was satisfied that it was genuine, and requested his worship to remit it to the Government analyst at Somerset House. Stewart Ramsay, 147 M, one of the officers of the court, said that by direction of Mr. Partridge he took
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