ЭМОЦИОНАЛЬНАЯ КОМПЕТЕНТНОСТЬ ПОДРОСТКОВ В УСЛОВИЯХ МЕЖЛИЧНОСТНОГО ВЗАИМОДЕЙСТВИЯ Emotional competence of adolescents in terms of interpersonal interaction]

Natalya Prokopieva, Ksenia Tarskaya
It is considered the issues of emotional competence of adolescents in modern conditions. Emotions are one of the most important regulators of human social behavior. As shown, the study of adolescents poorly formed was externally-oriented thinking and the inability to identify the feelings of another, which leads to weak interpersonal attachment. The paper describes the content of the psychological intervention programme aimed at the development of externally-oriented thinking. In order to form
more » ... he image of the "Other" in the first place, it is necessary to recognize its existence, to see the world differently from other positions. The primary tool of the program is the use of photographs. To achieve this goal have changed the object of photographing (the plant world-the animal world-the human world) and assignments for photography (the manifestation of joy in the dog, to Express my attitude to my favorite things, etc.).