Global Context Enhanced Social Recommendation with Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks [article]

Huance Xu, Chao Huang, Yong Xu, Lianghao Xia, Hao Xing, Dawei Yin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Social recommendation which aims to leverage social connections among users to enhance the recommendation performance. With the revival of deep learning techniques, many efforts have been devoted to developing various neural network-based social recommender systems, such as attention mechanisms and graph-based message passing frameworks. However, two important challenges have not been well addressed yet: (i) Most of existing social recommendation models fail to fully explore the multi-type
more » ... item interactive behavior as well as the underlying cross-relational inter-dependencies. (ii) While the learned social state vector is able to model pair-wise user dependencies, it still has limited representation capacity in capturing the global social context across users. To tackle these limitations, we propose a new Social Recommendation framework with Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks (SR-HGNN). In particular, we first design a relation-aware reconstructed graph neural network to inject the cross-type collaborative semantics into the recommendation framework. In addition, we further augment SR-HGNN with a social relation encoder based on the mutual information learning paradigm between low-level user embeddings and high-level global representation, which endows SR-HGNN with the capability of capturing the global social contextual signals. Empirical results on three public benchmarks demonstrate that SR-HGNN significantly outperforms state-of-the-art recommendation methods. Source codes are available at:
arXiv:2110.04039v1 fatcat:txaqxvdtozg4vdqqwitdfncb7u