A Re1nar~able SimuJiid Pupa Notes on Simulium Virgatum in British Columbia

Eric Hearle
48 B. C. ENTOMOLOGI CAL SOCIETY replant. The wate r from th e wa shin g tub should, of course, be dealt with so that any chance larvae can be destroyed. I a m not prepared, at this stage, to say whet her the naphthalin e acts as a deter rent , or as an insecticide, but am inclined t o think that it kills th e larva by acting on its tender skin. That it is effective, I can vouch for , from my own experiments. Last stimmer I had a patch of a special variety of strawberry, the so il of w hich had
more » ... ee n we ll treated \\"ith naphtha lin e. The plants were quite untouch ed, w hil e just alongside a patch of Alpin e Prim ul as were badly damaged before I , upon returning fr om one of m y trips, discovered the in jury and at o nc e took steps t o r ecove r m y plants by the means just given, w hi ch was so sur e that in a m on th' s tim e th ey ""ere a ll well established and now promise \yell for sp ring blooming.