Special issue on big data for IoT cloud computing convergence

Z.X. Hou, Y. Xiao, Z.X. Hou, Y. Xiao
2019 Web Intelligence: an international journal  
Big data refers to the data set that cannot be captured, managed and processed by conventional software tools within a certain period of time. It is a massive, high growth rate and diversified information asset that requires new processing patterns to have stronger decision-making power, insight and process optimization capabilities The last decade has seen huge advances in the scale of data we routinely generate and collect in pretty much everything we do, as well as our ability to use
more » ... gy to analyze and understand it. We have been witnessing a digital revolution associated with developments of various emerging technologies including ubiquitous computing devices, sensors and sensing devices, smart devices, cloud computing and big data analytics tools are dramatically changing the mode and accessibility of science, research and practice in all domains [1, 4, 8] . The Internet of Things is an important part of the new generation of information technology, and also an important stage of development in the "information" era. Internet of Things (IoT) applications are considered to be a major source of big data obtained from a more connected dynamic and real life world and is evolving at a rapid pace. The realization of the IoT vision brings Information and Communication Technology (ICT) closer to many aspects of the real-world life instead of the virtual life through advanced theories, algorithms and applications. Technology of real-world IoT based on cloud computing has rapidly emerged as a novel industry and life paradigm. These topics will be the most comprehensive field focused on the various aspects of advances in computer engineering technologies, applications, and services. In cloud computing environments that include mobile infrastructures, the most important and final goal is to provide users more secure and richer Internet of Things ser-vices. Tremendous advances in algorithms of sensing, processing, communication and actuating core technologies are leading to new intelligent IoT services in our life such as smart cities, smart healthcare, smart grids, and others to improve all aspects of life. There might be many issues to realize it and provide intelligence IoT services based on the advanced applied algorithms and application technologies with much effort and enormous attention. The advanced applied algorithms and application technologies of this research area poses challenges such as context information fusion, security, reliability, autonomous and intelligent connecting, trust application and framework for realworld life. Advanced algorithms and applications for IoT based on the cloud computing research contributions that present new technologies, concepts, or analysis, reports on experiences and experiments of implementation and application of theories, and tutorials on new trends, are required in this research fields [9] . The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics in focus of this special issue: • Interoperable and interactive middleware for IoT on cloud computing • Advanced IoT services algorithms, technologies and applications on cloud computing • Real-time algorithms, technologies and applications with real-world IoT on cloud computing • Related theory and technologies between web service and IoT in cloud computing • Advanced theory and technologies for High Performance and Communications with IoT • Clustering with Evolutionary and Swarm Algorithms for Big Data Analytics • Cloud computing and big data analytics • Data mining and machine learning for IoT
doi:10.3233/web-190404 fatcat:lsd5wemlqvftnfa4j5nqtoc25u