Бунивер П.Г., Нестерова Н.В., Нестерова О.В.
Lipstick is a necessary attribute in the purse of any girl, because it not only gives color and brightness to the lips, but also protects them from the wind, cold and sun. But, often, we do not know about its properties and buy lipstick only in order to give the lips a personality and brightness. Many people do not know that lipstick can harm a person with its composition. The relevance of the problem under consideration is that almost all girls on the planet use cosmetics, in particular
more » ... n particular lipsticks, so it is very useful to study some brands of lipsticks to identify harmful substances in them.
doi:10.24412/9215-0365-2021-65-2-20-24 fatcat:lnnqs2wus5btdjxsuqag3n45ee