"Ruin Poetics" in Chateaubriand's Works of the1800s – 1820s

Andrey Chernukhin
2018 Izvestiâ Ûžnogo Federalʹnogo Universiteta: Filologičeskie Nauki  
The article studies the comprehension and artistic realization of ruin theme in Chateaubriand's creative works over the period of 1800s– 1820s. In terms of "ruin poetics" "The Genius of Christianity", short novels "Atala" and "René" as well as "Voyage en Italie" and a short story "The Adventures of the Last Abencerrage" are analyzed. The aesthetic, religious, psychological and artistic aspects are considered. The links with the Enlightenment epoch and Diderot's aesthetical views are observed.
doi:10.23683/1995-0640-2018-1-38-46 fatcat:wgas22hrgvhklmzzvnbqotosgm