The Analysis of Aromatic Nitro Compounds by Means of Titanous Chloride

F. L. English
1920 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
Although considerable work has been done upon t h e determination of nitrogen in nitro compounds of t h e benzene series by means of titanous chloride, the method appears t o be neither as well known nor as extensively applied as its merits deserve. This is probably attributable t o the fact t h a t a somewhat complicated apparatus is required, in addition t o special care in t h e preparation of t h e standard solution, and analytical manipulation slightly out of the ordinary, especially in
more » ... y, especially in routine laboratories. These difficulties are, however, apparent rather t h a n real, as it has been our experience, extending over a period oE about three years, t h a t t h e method satisfactorily meets the requirements of the research laboratory, where accuracy is of paramount importance, and of the control laboratory, where t h e time element is of almost equal weight . The systematic application of this reagent t o analytical chemistry is the result of the comprehensive researches of Knecht and Hibbert3 on its application t o the analysis of numerous types of reducible compounds, inorganic and organic, including a number of nitro derivatives of benzene and its homologs, as well as a few in the naphthalene series. It was t h e purpose of the present investigators t o elaborate upon their work upon the aromatic nitro derivatives with a view t o adapting their methods t o the purposes of commercial control analysis. If this work lacks systematic coherence, it must be attributed t o t h e fact t h a t t h e prevailing conditions were such as t o render it impossible t o undertake the study as a fundamental research, the work being done fragmentarily t o meet the demands of plant operation. E X P E R I iVZ E NT A L
doi:10.1021/ie50130a024 fatcat:me4ckmnxbrcttgs454yg4obn7u