Coherent multidimensional photoelectron spectroscopy of ultrafast quasiparticle dressing by light

Marcel Reutzel, Andi Li, Zehua Wang, Hrvoje Petek
2020 Nature Communications  
Depending on the applied strength, electromagnetic fields in electronic materials can induce dipole transitions between eigenstates or distort the Coulomb potentials that define them. Between the two regimes, they can also modify the electronic properties in more subtle ways when electron motion becomes governed by time and space-periodic potentials. The optical field introduces new virtual bands through Floquet engineering that under resonant conditions interacts strongly with the preexisting
more » ... th the preexisting bands. Under such conditions the virtual bands can become real, and real ones become virtual as the optical fields and electronic band dispersions entangle the electronic response. We reveal optical dressing of electronic bands in a metal by exciting four-photon photoemission from the Cu(111) surface involving a three-photon resonant transition from the Shockley surface band to the first image potential band. Attosecond resolved interferometric scanning between identical pump-probe pulses and its Fourier analysis reveal how the optical field modifies the electronic properties of a solid through combined action of dipole excitation and field dressing.
doi:10.1038/s41467-020-16064-4 pmid:32376985 fatcat:7kcowce5y5bqliitur4hpbr2k4