A nonlinear elastic soft tissue model for craniofacial surgery simultations

E. Gladilin, S. Zachow, P. Deuflhard, H.-C. Hege, Marc THIRIET
2002 ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys  
Biomechanical modeling of soft tissue is essential to many computer assisted medical applications. Because of complexity of soft tissue behavior and a lack of exact and comprehensive data on material properties of living tissues, simplified models such as widespread linear elastic models are usually applied. However, large deformations often occurring in craniofacial surgery can not be accurately modeled via linear elastic approach, since it is generally limited by the assumption of small
more » ... tion of small deformations. The investigations carried out in the present work shows that the nonlinear elastic model yields more realistic results in simulations of large soft tissue deformation.
doi:10.1051/proc:2002011 fatcat:jihwavncqza2xfuxtwubcgmfaq