Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Mn and Cr Contents on Mechanical Properties of Deformed Steel Bar

Jincai Chang, Zhuo Wang, Tong Xiao, Xing Xin
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Mathematics, Modelling, Simulation and Algorithms (MMSA 2018)   unpublished
China's steel industry is trapped both at home and abroad nowadays. Steel companies need to improve their competitiveness in terms of cost control and product effectiveness. Based on this background, the effect of chemical elements on the mechanical properties of steel bars is studied in this paper. First, we use the correlation analysis theory to obtain the Pearson correlation coefficient, and analyze the main factors and secondary factors that affect the properties of deformed steel bar.
more » ... we adopt the stepwise regression method to model the influence rule between deformed steel bar properties and chemical elements. According to the law of influence obtained above and neural network simulation curve, we prejudge the properties of the deformed steel bar after adding Cr powder. Finally, the optimal formula of yield strength, tensile strength and percentage elongation after fracture is obtained. The optimization scheme can reduce the consumption of alloy material, reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.
doi:10.2991/mmsa-18.2018.93 fatcat:oojbkeblkbhsvdlkvbewnzzj3q