O. V. Lukyanchuk, A. M. Moskalenko, A. I. Gozhenko
2019 Zenodo  
Lukyanchuk O. V., Moskalenko A. M., Gozhenko A. I. ON CHANGES IN THE HEMOSTASIS SYSTEM IN ONCOLOGICAL PATIENTS. Актуальні проблеми транспортної медицини / Actual problems of transport medicine / 2019;1(55):130-137. ISSN 1818-9385 DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2612902 http://aptm.org.ua УДК 616–006.04:616.151.5. ON CHANGES IN THE HEMOSTASIS SYSTEM IN ONCOLOGICAL PATIENTS Lukyanchuk1 O. V., Moskalenko1 A. M., Gozhenko2 A. I. 1 Odessa Regional Oncology Center 2 SE Scientific Research
more » ... te of Transport Medicine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Odessa The phenomenon of hypercoagulation with an increased risk of thrombosis is inherent in all patients with oncological process and has a definite connection with the prevalence of the process. One of the main causes of mortality in cancer patients (including postoperative mortality) are thrombotic complications. The use of anticoagulants provides normal hemostasis, judging by the indicators of coagulogram. Despite the absence of hypercoagulation, 20 of the 57 dead patients developed thrombotic complications of varying severity, from local to systemic forms. This, in turn, means that for a complete understanding of the mechanisms of thromboembolic complications in cancer patients, it is not enough to take into account the state of only the coagulation unit of hemostasis. Apparently, attention should be paid to the second component of the hemostatic system - the platelet-vascular mechanism. Key words: hemostasis, thrombotic complications, platelet-vascular mechanism
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2612902 fatcat:2kr2h77kcve3do2z7nsk2bq7ya