Right ventricular failure in septic shock. Characterization, incidence and impact on fluid-responsiveness [post]

Antoine Vieillard-Baron, Amélie Prigent, Xavier Repessé, Marine Goudelin, Gwenaël Prat, Bruno Evrard, Cyril Charron, Philippe Vignon, Guillaume Geri
2020 unpublished
Objective Incidence of right ventricular (RV) failure in septic shock patients is not well-known and Tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion (TAPSE) could be of limited value. We report the incidence of RV failure in patients with septic shock, its potential impact on the response to fluids, as well as TAPSE values.Design Ancillary study of the HEMOPRED prospective multicenter study including patients under mechanical ventilation with circulatory failure.Setting Multicenter intensive care
more » ... r intensive care unit studyPatients 282 with septic shock were analyzed. Patients were classified in 3 groups based on central venous pressure (CVP) and RV size (RV/LV end-diastolic area, EDA). In group 1, patients had no RV dilatation (RV/LVEDA < 0.6). In group 2, patients had RV dilatation (RV/LVEDA ≥ 0.6) with a CVP < 8 mmHg (no venous congestion). RV failure was defined in group 3 by RV dilatation and a CVP ≥ 8 mmHg. Pulse pressure variation (PPV) was systematically recorded.Interventions NoneMeasurements And main results 41% of patients were in group 1, 17% in group 2 and 42% in group 3. A correlation between RV size and CVP was only observed in group 3. Higher RV size was associated with a lower response to passive leg raising for a given PPV. A large overlap of TAPSE values was observed between the 3 groups. 63.5% of patients with RV failure had anormal TAPSE.Conclusions RV failure, defined by critical care echocardiography (RV dilatation) and a surrogate of venous congestion (CVP ≥ 8 mmHg), was frequently observed in septic shock patients and negatively associated with response to a fluid challenge despite significant PPV. TAPSE was unable to discriminate patients with or without RV failure.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-52215/v1 fatcat:hpqoitb2lrci3dcwnternfcij4