Studies on Lead(II) Sorption from Aqueous Solutions on Fly Ash from Combustion/Co-combustion of Biomass

Lidia Reczek, Magdalena M. Michel, Andrzej Świątkowski, Marta Tytkowska, Grzegorz Trykowski
2017 Engineering and Protection of Environment  
The aim of the study was to assess the usefulness of fly ashes produced by co-combustion of hard coal with biomass (WB1, WB2) and biomass combustion (B) in the adsorption process of lead(II) ions. Adsorption isotherms of Pb(II) ions was determined. The analysis of the results was based on equilibrium adsorption models. Langmuir, Freundlich as well as Redlich-Peterson and Langmuir-Freundlich models were used. Langmuir and Freundlich models were analyzed in both general and linear forms.
more » ... tal data were best described by Langmuir equation in linear form (r 2 > 0.9). Comparison of the three ashes showed that the lowest sorption capacity was obtained for that from the green block (15.3 mg/g), significantly higher for both from co-combustion (34.8 mg/g for WB1, 29.9 mg/g for WB2). Analysis of the chemical composition of the surface confirmed the determined sorption capacity with respect to lead. The ashes were characterized by alkaline properties.
doi:10.17512/ios.2017.1.6 fatcat:hhahcxozenbtfllgt7prrblbnq