Rearrangement Models and Single-Cut Operations

Anne Bergeron, Paul Medvedev, Jens Stoye
2010 Journal of Computational Biology  
There have been many widely used genome rearrangement models, such as reversals, Hannenhalli-Pevzner (HP), and double-cut and join. Though each one can be precisely defined, the general notion of a model remains undefined. In this paper, we give a formal settheoretic definition, which allows us to investigate and prove relationships between distances under various existing and new models. Among our results is that sorting in the HP model is equivalent to sorting in the reversal model when the
more » ... itial and final genomes are linear unichromosomal. We also initiate the formal study of single-cut operations by giving a linear time algorithm for the distance problem under a new single-cut and join model.
doi:10.1089/cmb.2010.0091 pmid:20874405 fatcat:2isezqge4jb67o5cqn2tbnkybe