Acceleration-based disturbance compensation for elastic rack-and-pinion drives

Felix Brenner, Armin Lechler, Alexander Verl
2021 Production Engineering  
AbstractRack-and-pinion drives are mainly used for large machine tools and are often operated with indirect position control. Due to the lack of state information on the output side, this results in reduced accuracy regarding the table position. In addition, the system can only react inadequately to disturbances outside the control loop, meaning that often insufficient results can be achieved in typical application scenarios such as milling. To meet the increasing dynamic and accuracy
more » ... ts of the modern manufacturing industry, this paper presents a highly dynamic acceleration-based disturbance compensation method. For this purpose, the table acceleration is estimated using a dynamical model of the drive train and compared to the signal from an additional acceleration sensor attached to the machine table. Based on the resulting difference, an additional compensation torque is provided, which suppresses the disturbance in counterphase. The approach is tested experimentally on an open control platform with industrial drive components and the behavior is investigated based on compliance frequency responses and externally applied milling forces. At the same time, a standardized parametrization methodology is developed and the robustness is evaluated by varying table masses. In summary, a considerable improvement of the dynamic disturbance behavior can be achieved compared to the conventional system without compensator.
doi:10.1007/s11740-021-01068-w fatcat:ujwtppgt6zalrjit6fc33ydlmm