Nitrate Diffusional Releases from the Saltstone Facility, Vault 2, with Respect to Different Concrete Wall Thicknesses [report]

2005 unpublished
in inch kg kilogram L liters m meters mg milligram PA performance assessment SA Special Analysis 5 WSRC-TR-2005-00063 Rev. 0 ______________________________________________________________________________ This page intentionally left blank 6 WSRC-TR-2005-00063 Rev. 0 ______________________________________________________________________________ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY To assist the Saltstone Vault 2 Design Team, an investigation was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative concrete wall
more » ... hicknesses in limiting nitrate diffusion away from the planned facility. While the current design calls for 18-inch concrete walls, alternative thicknesses of 12-in, 8-in, and 6-in were evaluated using a simplified 1-D numerical model. To serve as a guide for Saltstone Vault 2 conceptual design, the results of this investigation were applied to Saltstone Vault 4 to determine what the hypothetical limits would be for concrete wall thicknesses thinner than the planned 18-inches. This was accomplished by adjusting the Vault 4 Limits, based on the increased nitrate diffusion rates through the thinner concrete walls, such that the 100-m well limit of 44 mg/L of nitrate as nitrate was not exceeded. The implication of these preliminary results is that as thinner vault walls are implemented there is a larger release of nitrate, thus necessitating optimal vault placement to minimize the number of vaults placed along a single groundwater flow path leading to the discharge zone.
doi:10.2172/839548 fatcat:hy2p3yyhy5budpuun2ndr3djsy