Visiting Global Policies for Sustainable Development: A Transatlantic Dialogue

Jeffrey D. Sachs
Pascal, General de Nomazy, ladies and gentlemen, it's really wonderful for Columbia University and for the Earth Institute in particular to be part of this new Transatlantic Alliance. It takes on a special importance in the international political context and I think we have an opportunity and a responsibility to provide leadership. The challenges are enormous and today's conference is not modest in its ambitions because we're talking about virtually the whole planet and all aspects of
more » ... aspects of sustainable development. I have the unenviable task of helping to set the stage by outlining some of the key issues around this theme regarding our common future on the planet and to impart some meaning and some direction on our discussion.
doi:10.7916/d81c23kr fatcat:anckdwlba5bxfhduhde3di2pgm