Time-Modulated Transmissive Programmable Metasurface for Low Sidelobe Beam Scanning

Xudong Bai, Fuli Zhang, Li Sun, Anjie Cao, Jin Zhang, Chong He, Longhai Liu, Jianquan Yao, Weiren Zhu
2022 Research  
Programmable metasurfaces have great potential for the implementation of low-complexity and low-cost phased arrays. Due to the difficulty of multiple-bit phase control, conventional programmable metasurfaces suffer a relatively high sidelobe level (SLL). In this manuscript, a time modulation strategy is introduced in the 1-bit transmissive programmable metasurface for reducing the SLLs of the generated patterns. After the periodic time modulation, harmonics are generated in each reconfigurable
more » ... nit and the phase of the first-order harmonic can be dynamically controlled by applying different modulation sequences onto the corresponding unit. Through the high-speed modulation of the real-time periodic coding sequences on the metasurface by the programmable bias circuit, the equivalent phase shift accuracy to each metasurface unit can be improved to 6-bit and thus the SLLs of the metasurface could be reduced remarkably. The proposed time-modulated strategy is verified both numerically and experimentally with a transmissive programmable metasurface, which obtains an aperture efficiency over 34% and reduced SLLs of about −20 dB. The proposed design could offer a novel approach of a programmable metasurface framework for radar detection and secure communication applications.
doi:10.34133/2022/9825903 pmid:35928303 pmcid:PMC9297726 fatcat:ro6grzostvay5ab5tu4zjonadm