Variability of Spartina alterniflora primary production in the euhaline North Inlet estuary

RF Dame, PD Kenny
1986 Marine Ecology Progress Series  
Monthly live and dead aboveground and belowground biomass and decomposition rates of Spartina alterniflora were observed spatially and temporally in the North Inlet euhaline rnarshestuarine system. All areas exhibited seasonal patterns, but Creekside live aboveground biomass varied significantly year-to-year. Creekside live biornass was higher during the years following depressed winter-spnng salinities in North Inlet. Salinity depression in North Inlet appears to be correlated with increased
more » ... infall. Net aboveground primary production averaged 2188 g m-2 yr.' for Creekside, 724 g m-2 yr ' for Midmarsh and 1295 g m-2 yr-' for Highmarsh. Net belowground primary production was 2363 g m-2 yr-' for Creekside and 5445 g m-2 yr ' for Highmarsh. Total production for S, alternjflora was the highest yet reported. Turnover rates ranged from 0.7 to 5.1 yr-l, the highest value occurring in the aboveground Highmarsh. O Inter-ResearchIPrinted in F. R. Germany
doi:10.3354/meps032071 fatcat:ytjxsb2nanfdfghmsyrnbg4yey