Necessity of a multi-dimensional approach in the development of modular product families

Marc Zuefle, Florian M. Dambietz, Dieter Krause
2021 Zenodo  
The development of modular product families in the context of cyber-physical mechatronic systems requires a more widespread integration of development and organization-related requirements for the value creation of such systems. In this context, the focus of consideration is increasingly shifting to the development and design-relevant disciplines in order to be able to address requirements in product development in a multi- and also cross-disciplinary manner. This new focus means that modular
more » ... tting should not be implemented purely mechanically. An example of laser cutting optics is used to show how design for variety methods can generate benefits over several levels and life phases by multi- and cross-disciplinary approaches. The given basic system is analyzed and visualized by these methods. Subsequently, the system under consideration is conceptually considered in a multi- and cross-disciplinary context adapted by these methods to analyze to what extent a module cut can be supported by it on a mechatronic level. The result of this conceptual approach shows potentials in the multi- and cross-disciplinary implementation of such methods, which substantiates the examination of different systems with an additional focus on development-specific disciplines. Likewise, however, the conceptual approach also reveals the additional gaps which need to be analyzed in subsequent research and addressed by devised solutions.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6226274 fatcat:lopvo23o5vbbflo2g5rprrq4he