Detection and Analysis of C-to-U RNA Editing in Rice Mitochondria-Encoded ORFs

Peng Zheng, Dongxin Wang, Yuqing Huang, Hao Chen, Hao Du, Jumin Tu
2020 Plants  
Cytidine to uridine (C-to-U) RNA editing is an important type of substitutional RNA modification and is almost omnipresent in plant chloroplasts and mitochondria. In rice mitochondria, 491 C-to-U editing sites have been identified previously, and case studies have elucidated the function of several C-to-U editing sites in rice, but the functional consequence of most C-to-U alterations needs to be investigated further. Here, by means of Sanger sequencing and publicly available RNA-seq data, we
more » ... entified a total of 569 C-to-U editing sites in rice mitochondria-encoded open reading frames (ORFs), 85.41% of these editing sites were observed on the first or the second base of a codon, resulting in the alteration of encoded amino acid. Moreover, we found some novel editing sites and several inaccurately annotated sites which may be functionally important, based on the highly conserved amino acids encoded by these edited codons. Finally, we annotated all 569 C-to-U RNA editing sites in their biological context. More precise information about C-to-U editing sites in rice mitochondria-encoded ORFs will facilitate our investigation on the function of C-to-U editing events in rice and also provide a valid benchmark from rice for the analysis of mitochondria C-to-U editing in other plant species.
doi:10.3390/plants9101277 pmid:32998293 fatcat:hewynbtoufeqddwoqhsg2qgh7q