Superconductivity in 122-Type Pnictides without Iron

Pan Zhang, Hui-fei Zhai
2017 Condensed Matter  
The exploration of superconducting iron-free pnictides with a ThCr 2 Si 2 -type or related structure and the study of their superconducting properties are important in order to get a deeper understanding of the pairing mechanism of 122 iron pnictides. Here we review the properties of 122-type iron-free pnictides superconductors with structures similar to that of BaFe 2 As 2 . Evidence of fully gapped nature of superconducting state has come from the specific heat and thermal conductivity
more » ... ments for BaNi 2 As 2 and SrNi 2 P 2 , and nuclear magnetic and quadrupole resonance measurements for CaPd 2 As 2 etc. Combined with the fact that no magnetism is observed in 122-type iron-free pnictides superconductors, the majority of evidence suggests that most of these compounds are conventional electron-phonon-mediated superconductors.
doi:10.3390/condmat2030028 fatcat:3olkeg54zff5lbchmq3n6ur3ou