An Assessment of Mechanical Characteristics of Al 6061 Reinforced with SiC and Bagasse Fly Ash Hybrid MMC

Material is one or more substances that form an object. Due to an attractive mechanical characteristic, materials are commonly selected for structural applications. Recently, the hybrid MMC has been developed and highly an innovative trend in material science. The current study is concentrated on the formation of an innovative hybrid MMC by utilizing aluminum, silicon carbide and fly ash particulates of bagasse. In this study, the physical characteristics of Aluminum 6061 were evaluated by
more » ... g Sic, fly ash particulates of bagasse and observed that this is the hardest substance. The compositions were added until the final level and a method of stir casting has been utilized to fabricate Al MMC. XRD ie x-ray diffraction was utilized to analyze the structural characterization of MMC and optical microscopy was utilized to analysis the microstructure on MMC. In this study, the mechanical characteristics like hardness, elongation, yield strength, UTS and density have been performed on MMC. Aluminum was added with 5% of silicon carbide and 10% of fly ash particles of bagasse in one case and in other case aluminum was added with 10% of fly ash particles of bagasse and 10% of silicon carbide. As a result, it was detected that there is an improvement in the hardness and UTS and a reduction in the density and elongation of the composites in comparison to plain aluminum. This shows that the aluminum-silicon carbide-fly ash particles of bagasse MMC substantially differ throughout all characteristics.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.f3970.049620 fatcat:qc5m6rqxcjbn3g7wj7rhwrsuvi