Efficient weighted multiselection in parallel architectures

Hong Shen
Fifth International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, 2002. Proceedings.  
We study parallel solutions to the problem of weighted multiselection to select r elements on given weighted-ranks from a set S of n weighted elements, where an element is on weighted rank k if it is the smallest element such that the aggregated weight of all elements not greater than it in S is not smaller than k. We propose efficient algorithms on two of the most popular parallel architectures, hypercube and mesh. For a hypercube with p < n processors, we present a parallel algorithm running
more » ... n O(n min{r, log p}) time for p = n 1− , 0 < < 1, which is cost optimal when r ≥ p. Our algorithm on √ p × √ p mesh runs in O( √ p + n p log 3 p) time which is the same as multiselection on mesh when r ≥ log p, and thus has the same optimality as multiselection in this case.
doi:10.1109/icapp.2002.1173544 fatcat:qh4ariodtjbhpflzvf7bcoejuy