The New Anode Environmentally Friendly for Water Electrolysis Based on 430 Stainless Steel Coated with Recycled Cobalt from Spent Lithium–Ion Batteries [post]

Eric M. Garcia, Hosane A. Taroco
2018 unpublished
In this paper, a new anode environmentally friendly for hydrogen production was developed based on 430 stainless steel with an electrodeposited cobalt layer. The novelty of this work is the cobalt source once the electrodeposition bath was obtained from recycling of spent Li-ion batteries cathode with composition LiCoO2. The electrodeposited cobalt behaves as supercapacitor in KOH 1M. In the linear voltammetry in KOH 1M, when the overpotential reaches 370 mV, the anodic density current for 430
more » ... S/Co is 19 mA cm−2. Thus, the anode developed in this paper achieves the double of density current with half of production cost if compared with 316SS. Moreover the anode construction described in this paper is an excellent option for Li- ion battery recycling.
doi:10.20944/preprints201808.0100.v1 fatcat:r6g3zbv2izb2dnoigt6yqy22nm