Lattice Reduction over Imaginary Quadratic Fields [article]

Shanxiang Lyu, Christian Porter, Cong Ling
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Complex bases, along with direct-sums defined by rings of imaginary quadratic integers, induce algebraic lattices. In this work, we study such lattices and their reduction algorithms. Firstly, when the lattice is spanned over a two dimensional basis, we show that the algebraic variant of Gauss's algorithm returns a basis that corresponds to the successive minima of the lattice if the chosen ring is Euclidean. Secondly, we extend the celebrated Lenstra-Lenstra-Lov\'asz (LLL) reduction from over
more » ... eal bases to over complex bases. Properties and implementations of the algorithm are examined. In particular, satisfying Lov\'asz's condition requires the ring to be Euclidean. Lastly, we numerically show the time-advantage of using algebraic LLL by considering lattice bases generated from wireless communications and cryptography.
arXiv:1806.03113v6 fatcat:6i2qafg6mvewhmzko3b3d4cafe