A. Zolotarov, I. Sediuk, V. Piskun, S. Zolotarova
2021 The Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the Institute of Animal Science NAAS of Ukraine  
One of the important parts of the technology of industrial milk production is the organization of the technology of feeding dairy cows, as in the cost of milk feeding costs reach 70%. To determine the effectiveness of the introduction of new approaches to the organization of feeding dairy cows, it is necessary to conduct a more detailed analysis – not only to determine the impact on dairy productivity, but also to take into account the economic component. Obtaining high milk yields is
more » ... due to unbalanced rations, poor quality feed and imperfect feed preparation technology. The use in practice of new approaches in balancing feeding rations allows to achieve the tasks at lower cost. The elements of feeding technology of dairy cows were introduced and the efficiency of using high-energy protein supplement with protected protein TEP-mix on two groups of dairy cows with a productivity of 15–20 kg per day was determined. The introduction of the proposed supplement to the diet provided an increase in the content of undigested protein in the rumen from 24.0 % to 34.0 % in the diet. This allowed not only to increase the milk productivity of cows, but also to improve the quality of milk. It was found that with the introduction of supplements in cows of the experimental group, in the rations of which used TEP-mix, the daily milk yield of cows increased by an average of 3.68 kg (from 12.0 to 15.68 kg), and in terms on the basic fat content – by 5.45 kg (from 13.24 to 18.68 kg), the fat content – by 0.30 abs. % (from 3.75 to 4.05 %), protein – by 0, 27 abs. % (from 2.95 to 3.22). At the same time, the average daily income per 1 cow in the sale of basic fat milk increased by UAH 41.65. (from UAH 26.46 to UAH 68.11), and the profit per 1 kg of milk of basic fat content – by UAH 1.65. (from UAH 2.00 to UAH 3.65). Based on multicriteria analysis, it was found that when using different approaches to the organization of feeding technology for dairy cows, the one that uses the additive TEP-mix with protected protein is more profitable.
doi:10.32900/2312-8402-2021-125-106-113 fatcat:6zemzyl5mfhrfj5tly4bo3f27q