Therapeutic effect of brahmi & Jatamansi siddha taila shirodhara on mental illness – a clinical study

Bhairav Tawshikar, Shreerang Chhapekar, Vrushali Chhapekar
2018 International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine  
To observe the rate of response to Brahmi and Jatamansi siddha taila Shirodhara when used as a treatment of mental illness with the help of clinical parameters. Review of literature Mental health Mental health is a state of psychological and emotional well being of an individual. It can be referred as a capability of a person to function itself well. Mental health refers to feelings, thoughts and action of an individual specifically when a person faces stress and challenges in his life.
more » ... l and physical problems are due to absence of good mental health. Mental illness Mental health is the balance between all aspects of life like social, spiritual and emotional. It depends upon how we manage our surroundings and make choices in our life. If the function of status of equilibrium fails to maintain the balanced condition of mind, then the person is called as mentally ill. Causes of mental illness Following could be the causes of mental illness. i. Negative approach ii. Profession: Deadline, answerability, obeying orders of seniors, promotion etc. iii. Family: Requirement, health hazards and undesirable events etc. iv. Economic crisis v. Accidents, natural unavoidable events, death etc. Diagnosis of mental illness: Human body is well equipped to deal with stressful situations but only up to certain levels. After that body ceases to function smoothly and starts giving signals. These symptoms are restlessness, increased irritability, feeling of anger, forgotten, indigestion, fatigue, mentally drained up condition, lack of ability to feel pleasure or enjoyment and mainly the impulse to run away and hide from situation and inability to come to decision which indicates that the person is mentally ill. Also, it is important to recognize whether we are under stressful condition or out of it. Many times even if we are under the influence of mental illness, our body reacts internally as well as externally. We fail to realize that we are reacting under stress. This also happens when cause of stress is long enough for us to get habitual to that. Pathophysiology of mental illness: It again depends upon the individual's nature. Like status of emotion and level of things during problem. Mental illness gives force to think about it. Mind deals with it by means of previous experience and intelligence. Then the answer is found for the problem. If the above said process fails to success, the equilibrium state of mind gets disturbed.
doi:10.15406/ijcam.2018.11.00432 fatcat:t447dp7z35gubm3ijsf25ujduq