Random quantum Ising chains with competing interactions

David Carpentier, Pierre Pujol, Kay-Uwe Giering
2005 Physical Review E  
In this paper we discuss the criticality of a quantum Ising spin chain with competing random ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic couplings. Quantum fluctuations are introduced via random local transverse fields. First we consider the chain with couplings between first and second neighbors only and then generalize the study to a quantum analog of the Viana-Bray model, defined on a small world random lattice. We use the Dasgupta-Ma decimation technique, both analytically and numerically, and
more » ... merically, and focus on the scaling of the lattice topology, whose determination is necessary to define any infinite disorder transition beyond the chain. In the first case, at the transition the model renormalizes towards the chain, with the infinite disorder fixed point described by Fisher. This corresponds to the irrelevance of the competition induced by the second neighbors couplings. As opposed to this case, this infinite disorder transition is found to be unstable towards the introduction of an arbitrary small density of long range couplings in the small world models.
doi:10.1103/physreve.72.066101 pmid:16486004 fatcat:esyqdki45jgljckg7alplmzdni