Effect of Stages of Lactation on Goat Milk Composition under Field and Farm Rearing Condition

Gitam Singh
2014 Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences  
The aim of this study was to evaluate the conspicuous effects on milk quality of farm and field rearing goats. Milk samples were collected from two important goat breed Jamunapari and Jakhrana from different villages. The analysis were performed on 1215 milk samples collected from 377 Jamunapari and 736 Jakhrana goats, at varied environmental conditions of time period April -June, July -September and November -February The sample selection criteria were also decide according to stages of
more » ... to stages of lactation time period 10 -40 days, 41 -90 days and 91 to 150 days. Electronic Milk Analyzer provides specific gravity (1.0295±0.00038), Fat % (4.76±0.046), Protein % (3.205±0.031), Lactose % (4.433±0.014), Ash % (0.745±0.009), TS% (13.15±0.034), and SNF % (8.38±0.053) of all the samples. Lactation stages showed significant effect on milk quality. The percentages of fat, protein, lactose, ash, TS, and SNF, were significantly higher (p<0.05) with advancement of lactation in both breeds. The milk of farm rearing goats had significantly (p<0.05) higher content of fat, protein, lactose, ash, TS, and SNF, in comparison to field rearing goats. Variation in milk quality for different months of the year and rearing conditions are directly proportional to variation in eco-environmental condition. All copyrights reserved to Nexus® academic publishers ARTICLE CITATION: Singh G, Sharma RB, Kumar A, Chauhan A (2014). Effect of stages of lactation on goat milk composition under field and farm rearing condition. Adv. Anim. Vet. Sci. 2 (5): 287 -291.
doi:10.14737/journal.aavs/2014/ fatcat:lloy3eqsdzdt5lt56xqkpw7i64