Organic chemistry

1909 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
A Mode of P r o d u c t i o n of Iodoform. A. LABAT (J. Pharm. Chim., 1909, [vi], 30, 107--109).-The supposed formation of iodoform from carbon dioxide recorded by Guerin (this vol., i, 126) depends on the ammonia employed, and does not occur with all specimens. It appears to be due to a ketonic impurity, probably acetone, which can be separated from the ammonia by neutralisation and distillation. The distillate gives the iodoform reaction, and forms an immediate white precipitate with Denigds'
more » ... itate with Denigds' solution of mercuric sulphate. The samples of ammonia examined could not have contained more than 0.01% of the suspected impurity. w. 0. w. Preparation of Tetranitromethane. R. SCHENCK (D.R.-P. 21 1198 and 21 1199).-Tetranitromethane was previously prepared by Pictet and Genequand (Abstr., 1903, i, 305, 596 ) by the action of acetic anhydride on diacetylorthonitric acid at 60' ; the yield was 10% of the theory, and the action dangerously violent. It has now been found that a satisfactory yield can be obtained by slowly dropping acetic anhydride (120 parts) into a mixture of nitrogen pentoxide (155 parts) and nitrogen peroxide (75 parts) a t a temperature below 40' .
doi:10.1039/ca9099600689 fatcat:pcb5zy65dngnzpti7yrnibzrqi