Implementation of educational programs with digital distance education technologies complying with the requirements for ship crew members

Sergey S. Sokolov, Marina N. Saveleva, Anastasiya V. Mitrofanova
2019 Otkrytoe Obrazovanie (Moskva)  
Digital distance education technologies are a relevant issue today. For the training of crew members, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards, the International Convention on the Training and Certification of Seafarers and Watchkeeping, and several other legislative documents. The article provides individual digital educational trajectories and an individual profile of students' competencies using the Data Mining methods and the Moodle
more » ... rpose of the study: To study the issue of application of digital distance learning technologies complying with the requirements for ship crew members. Solving the problem of forming an individual digital educational trajectory and an individual competency profile of a student.Materials and methods: The concepts of distance learning technologies and e-learning, approved at the legislative level as the Federal Law dated December 29, 2012 No. 273-ФЗ «Education in the Russian Federation». According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on May 23, 2015 No. 497 «On the Federal Targeted Program for the Development of Education for 2016-2020», within the framework of Target 5 «Formation of a high-demand system for assessing the quality of education and educational outcomes», the following activities are planned: Typical models of constant evaluation of students' learning achievements, allowing to form trajectories of individual development of students in secondary professional educational organizations and organizations of higher education». Individual educational trajectory is a personal way to realize the personal potential of each student in education. The individual educational trajectory in the period of digitalization of education and using of e-learning methods, distance learning technologies is an individual digital educational trajectory. An important element of an individual digital educational trajectory is the individual competence profile of students. The formation with the using Data Mining technology based on the Moodle e-learning system is considered.Results: The construction of an individual digital educational trajectory, including individual profiles of students' competencies and the trajectories of their development, can be implemented using data mining, proper configuration, construction of matrices of various levels of connectivity using the modules of Competence and Curriculum of the Moodle system. The article presents the formation of the student's competencies based on the construction, as well as the analytical unit of an individual digital educational trajectory and an example of an individual competency profile in the Moodle system.Conclusion: Training of crew members using digital distance education technologies is possible, but at the same time it has many limitations on the part of requirements. It is important to correctly combine the traditional form of education and digital learning technologies.
doi:10.21686/1818-4243-2019-4-44-53 fatcat:4w4cliqxfnazbaj6qg54wkkfxe