Scholar Critic Pronunciation Challenges for Non-Native Speakers

Aruna Kanuri, Aruna
2016 unpublished
India is a multilingual country where a variety of dialects are used. As it has been a multilingual land, it has different kinds of cultures which are reckoned 'classical', and they are ancient and diverse. Languages from the other spheres have been borrowed, either by force or brought in by the various reasons. One of the reasons for that was people wanted to learn and use another language. The Indian constitution recognizes twenty two languages as 'official languages'. Though there are a
more » ... gh there are a great number of dialects, the place of the English language is always on a high pedestal. Charlemagne, also known as Charles I, who was the king of Franks during 9 th Century said, "To have another language is to possess a second soul". The non-native speakers of English have been endeavoring to speak English with the native pronunciation. But, they still have some problems in using so, due to their geographical and linguistic constraints. Since the people are completely habituated in experimenting their language with their mother tongue influence, they are unable to improve their accent equally with native speakers. The present paper focuses on the differences between native and regional languages and the problems that are being faced by the people of non-native English speaking countries.