1901 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
or 84-are referred to syphilis, 21.3 per cent, to tuberculosis, and 10 per cent, to pneumonia. There were 22 general paralytics among the 84 cases referred to syphilis, and in 16 of these a definite history of syphilitic infection was obtained; 31 of the 84 suc¬ cumbed to heart disease; 21 to brain and cord diseases; and 3 to chronic nephritis, etc. In most of these cases syphilitic infection could be traced directly. In 69 cases the period between infection and death averaged 20.2 years, the
more » ... erage age of the whole 84 being 43.4 years, and the average time between the issuance of the policy and death 8.1 years. The same company, during the period of 1874 till 1895, accepted 11,359 applicants; of these 619 acknowledged syphilis, and the deaths of this group were 78, or 12.6 per cent., while of the remainder, 656, or 6.1 per cent., died.
doi:10.1001/jama.1901.02470060030010 fatcat:ih3zpw24crh3bfji6vlnidc6te