ZFP982 confers stem cell characteristics by regulating expression of Nanog, Zfp42 and Dppa3 [article]

Fariba Dehghanian, Patrick Piero Bovio, Zohreh Hojati, Tanja Vogel
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
We here used multi-omics analyses to identify and characterize zinc finger protein 982 (Zfp982) that confers stemness characteristics by regulating expression of Nanog, Zfp42 and Dppa3 in mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC). Network-based expression analyses comparing the transcriptional profiles of mESC and differentiated cells revealed high expression of Zfp982 in stem cells. Moreover, Zfp982 showed transcriptional overlap with Yap1, the major co-activator of the Hippo pathway. Quantitative
more » ... eomics and co-immunoprecipitation revealed interaction of ZFP982 with YAP1. ZFP982 used a GCAGAGKC motif to bind to chromatin, for example near the stemness conferring genes Nanog, Zfp42 and Dppa3 as shown by ChIP-seq. Loss-of-function experiments in mESC established that expression of Zfp982 is necessary to maintain stem cell characteristics. Zfp982 expression decreased with progressive differentiation, and knockdown of Zfp982 resulted in neural differentiation of mESC. ZFP982 localized to the nucleus in mESC and translocated to the cytoplasm upon neuronal differentiation. Similarly, YAP1 localized to the cytoplasm upon differentiation, but in mESC YAP1 was present in the nucleus and cytoplasm.
doi:10.1101/2020.06.03.131847 fatcat:ehn6o4grgfbexosz22z3c4tn6y