An Analytic Approach to Torus Bifurcation in a Quasiperiodically Forced Duffing Oscillator

K. Chowdhury, A. Roy Chowdhury
1997 Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics  
A weakly nonlinear quasiconservative Duffing oscillator under quasiperiodic forcing is studied with the help of an analytic expression for the complex Poincare mapping. This mapping is then used to analyze the quasiperiodic response of the oscillator and the different zones of various periodicity. This map plays the same significant role as the averages equations in the theory of a periodically forced Duffing oscillator.
doi:10.2991/jnmp.1997.4.3-4.10 fatcat:hmxkyqnp25cezkly34su5vtpnm