Identification of immunoglobulins in chicken eggs and their antibody activity

H Yamamoto, H Watanabe, G Sato, T Mikami
1975 Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research  
The presence of immur.oglobulins and a secretory component (SC) in the hen's egg and oviduct washings was investigated. In addition, the existence of transferred antibodies in the yolk and white of eggs from chickens immunized with sheep red cells (SRC) was examined by using the haemagglutination test. Immunoglobulins G, M, and A were detected in the egg yolk, the egg white, and the oviduct washings; however, no SC was detected. The transferred antibodies for SRC were detected in the egg yolks
more » ... d in the egg yolks and whites. The agglutinin activity for SRC in the egg yolks was eluted from both the IgM and IgG regions on the Sephadex G-200 gel filtration; however, in the egg whites it was detectable only in the IgM region.
pmid:1241698 fatcat:5yojhk3vsff7zfxo26tesykhyu